Why christians should study secular literature

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Why christians should study secular literature

Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Secular literature includes science, history, philosophy, fiction and just about everything except religion.

Studying a range of secular literature ensures a breadth and depth of general knowledge, but also helps you will to understand literary allusions, including those found in the Bible.

It teaches the intellectual openness you will need to accept the perspective of the authors, and opens your mind to another world. It also presents alternate, sometimes even radical perspectives, so that the reader develops a sophisticated point of view. Whether a Christian should study secular literature that examines religion and religious beliefs depends on the person.

Someone whose faith is weak but yet feels the need to have faith, could put that faith at risk by studying this kind of literature and might be advised not to do so.

On the other hand, a Christian who feels secure in his or her faith should be capable of studying this kind of literature, understanding the arguments presented and yet remain a Christian.

A Christian with strong personal beliefs but who is willing to learn the truth about religion, whatever that truth may be, would of course wish to study literature that examines religion and religious beliefs. It depends on how certain you feel about your religious beliefs.

So my opinion my not count for much.

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Heck, it may not even be accurate. An accidental big bang would obviously be an example of an impersonal beginning. But so is a pantheistic beginning. There is no "god" in pantheism. I inject the word "inifinite" to distinguish it from the personal and fallible gods of the Greeks, Romans, Norse, etc.

The Philippines has a rich literary tradition that dates back frompre-colonial times. It covers a variety of languages, forms andexpressions.

To learn about Philippine history and tradition. Yes, of course because literature is a part of Philippine historyand thus literature is the expression of the late literary peoplewho became the frontrunner of the propagandists, like Jose Rizalwho in his novel opened the long blinded eyes of the filiupinoesaned throiugh it arrive a graet revolution that save us fromSpanish tyrany.

To have sex with each other. Why should we study literature? Studying anything makes you smarter! Literature shows you how to communicate better. Literature shows you information about the world and othercultures.

Literature makes you think creatively. Literature helps you to understand abstract ideas like loyaltyand heroism. Studying how good authors write helps you learn how to writebetter.

Studying great literature helps you to understand the past andappreciate your culture.

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Analyzing literature teaches you how to compare and contrastthings and how to analyze information in your daily life. Analyzing literature teaches you to think logically and makebetter decisions Literature and artwork in general draw from the context of the timecontemporary to publication.Thread We, as Christians, should study secular literature because it challenges our minds and builds our faith.

God constructed our minds so that we can determine what we intake as well as what we put out. We choose how we use the information, where our thoughts go, and how to seek wholeness in our education. The question as to whether or not a Christian should read secular literature is worth examining; the answer comes from at least two considerations.

First is the understanding that the highest forms of man’s work provide even . It is important to study secular literature not only to understand the world, but also to find the sacred amid the profane.

Why christians should study secular literature

As Augustine expressed, all truth is God’s truth. All people have access to God through natural revelation, whether they know it or not. The 6th to 8th grade literature textbooks changed from Bob Jones (traditional Christian) to McDougal Littell (secular). The stories in the new textbooks are awful.

Most of the authors I have never heard of and from their biographies in the textbook, they do not embrace a Christian worldview. Of course, engrossing oneself in secular knowledge at the expense of growing in the things of God would be a great distraction.

on 16 Nov at pm 2 Ken Another thought: sometimes religious or spiritual knowledge can also be a distraction for those of us who love to read. So does love, loyalty, healing, beauty, and a confused evangelical Christian.

In many ways, it was a hard book to read, particularly the part about the childhood trauma and abuse.

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