Should gay couples adopt

Contact Me Should gay couples be allowed to adopt? Should heterosexual couples be allowed to adopt? Once in a while you hear people opine that gay couples shouldn't be allowed to adopt. Let's investigate this idea.

Should gay couples adopt

What would I do if my child was gay and they wanted to get married? It was comparatively easy to talk about being gay on a societal level, and even to speak about my own experiences with it.

But what about the one thing that really matters: What would I do if my child was gay? If this child wanted to get married? Because at this point in their life, the time when he or she would be making such big decisions in their life, I would have already imparted everything I can to him or her.

Why on earth would I push that child away? G-d forbid that anyone, religious or otherwise, would push away their child or family member or friend when they make a decision that goes against their values. G-d forbid that we should even think in such a way. No, I would hug that person.

I would hug and kiss that person, because they are family, because they are a love in my life. And aftertward I would live an example of a life that matters to me so that they can see why I take it so seriously.

So why is it so wrong to stop this person, an adult, from making a decision they believe in? I thank G-d every day that my parents still embrace me despite my choosing to becoming religious, choosing a life that is in direct conflict with their own. I thank G-d every day that I live in a country that allows Jews to live safe, productive lives because it gives them equal rights.

So why should I care if that same government wants to deal with its citizens the same way I deal with my children and my family and my friends? I keep asking myself: Our nation is going down the crapper! All of this sounds to me like a reactive parent dealing with his child rather than a proactive parent.

They put themselves down in the dirt of an argument with their child instead of rising above. This is the way the religious are dealing with the issue of gay marriage. They want to ground their gay kids, whether real or metaphorical. The main strength a religious person possesses in relation to the secular world is that he lives for something.

He has a mission. On the other hand, the life of a religious person, a truly religious person, has absolutely nothing to do with these principles.

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These principles, according to a religious person, are only important insofar as they give us a chance to then fulfill our mission in life. They need to leave the dustheap of debates and embrace their own worldview.

A worldview that goes beyond rights and towards something higher. And gay marriage is the perfect opportunity for such a discussion to take place. Because the whole freaking world is finally talking about marriage again!

Can you believe it? A society in which a divorce happens once every 13 seconds.1) Children who need homes should have loving families to grow up in.

2) Same-sex couples are just as capable as heterosexuals of raising healthy, happy kids - studies show this time and time again. Gays should be allowed to adopt. Because sexual orientation doesn't effect how good or bad a parent is.


Also, there are millions of kids around the word, and same-sex couples could help by adopting these kids. Some states granted full adoption rights to same-sex couples, while others banned it entirely or only allowed the partner in a same-sex relationship to adopt the biological child of the other partner.

Proponents of gay adoption counter with the facts that gay couples often stay together longer than straight couples and that many children of straight parents are raised in single parent homes.

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Should gay couples adopt

Instantly Cam Chat with thousands of real men for free now! Oct 15,  · I don't think that gay people should be able to adopt/have children. I believe that it is supposed to be with a man and a woman.

That is how God wants it.

Should gay couples adopt
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