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Our Canadian Timberframes team Canadian Timberframes provides timeless timber frame homes We have years of experience in: It goes without saying that we pride ourselves with the quality of our products, and our commitment to go above and beyond when providing customer experience. Jeff Bowes - President, Owner Growing up on a farm in Ontario, work often found itself within the shadows and protection of many turn of the century hand cut timber frame barns. In the mid 80's Jeff started a 20 year involvement with an Ontario based timber frame firm.

Ryerson thesis database

Case Study of a Greywater Reuse System Installed in 23 Homes in Southern Ontario Using shower wastewater to flush toilets decreases the potable water demand of residential buildings, reducing pressure on existing water supplies.

A standard field testing methodology was developed and applied to a greywater reuse system installed in 23 homes in Southern Ontario.

Ryerson thesis database

Performance was quantified by measuring the water balance, water quality, energy consumption, durability, maintenance requirements, installation process, economics and user satisfaction with the system.

The tested system was found to save, on average, However, due to low water rates and high capital costs, there is a need for government subsidization of these systems which will ultimately, reduce pressure placed on centralized water infrastructure. MASc -advised by Dr.

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The HOT program, which is used for obtaining the EnerGuide rating for LEED certified homes, was compared against a dynamic energy simulation program to assess the applicability of the use of the former for energy efficient homes.

Mark Gorgolewski Evaluating Performance of Southern Ontario Buildings Using Submetering Data and Whole Building Modelling Results The performance gap, the difference between how a building was intended to perform and its actual performance, poses a challenge to successful high performance design.

This research examines the application of submetering data and whole building energy models to evaluate the performance gap in buildings as related to energy consumption, and in specific energy use associated with receptacles and lighting.

Ryerson thesis database

While difficulties in grappling with large amounts of data persist, results indicate that building management and occupancy issues can offer an explanation for a significant portion of differences between predicted and actual energy use.

Experience working with these data sets also suggests that further efforts are required to demonstrate the value of submetering in order to ensure submetering systems are not compromised by the value engineering process.

Russell Richman A Multi-Objective Optimization Environment for Analysis of Passive Energy Conservation Measures in a Toronto House This study presents a multi-objective optimization environment in which passive energy conservations measures of a high performance house in Toronto are evaluated.

The optimization environment was created using the jEPlus software suite where the case study house acted as the reference building. The optimization varied passive energy efficiency parameters in search of configurations yielding optimal building performance and life cycle cost.

These results suggest that improved thermal envelopes are economically advantageous with good building practice. However, they suggest that the current Passive House standard does not coincide with the economic minimum for the local economic and environmental climate.

Russell Richman Assessment of Load Bearing Clay Brick Masonry for Analyzing Long-Term Durability Through Field Measurement and Visual Review This thesis examines a load bearing clay brick century home research house in Toronto Canada which has recently undergone the addition of polyurethane foam insulation on all interior sides of the exterior clay brick load bearing walls, increasing the insulating value in areas to RSI 7.

This study introduces and advances techniques to create high resolution stitched mosaic images of the elevations to visually document the current physical condition of the brick. Life cycle operating global warming potential GWP and building envelope embodied GWP were assessed for two mechanical system configurations and three Canadian cities.

Variations in regional electricity carbon intensity were found to significantly impact both operating and embodied GWP. Embodied GWP was found to be significant relative to operating GWP in locations with access to low carbon electricity.

This study involved the development of a HR VRF system model in EnergyPlus, using field data from a two-storey case study office building.

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Using the model, this study investigated calibration with site information, climate variations, VRF indoor terminal unit reconfiguration for heat recovery improvements, right-sizing HR VRF outdoor units to raise part-load ratios, and comparing the HR VRF system to other HVAC systems for system efficiency.

Challenges with achieving model calibration led to recommendations for monitoring system design and EnergyPlus modelling improvements. Overall, the trend showed that for the specific window combinations of this study, the higher the performance of the IGU, the lesser the differences in the whole window U-value of both methods.

Several strategies were proposed to support the possibility of the harmonization of both calculation methods.The RULA Digital Repository is a space for collecting, preserving, and providing online access to research and teaching materials created by the Ryerson community.

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