Primary education personal statement ucas

I enjoyed my years at primary school, and also highly value the years that I have spent at secondary school, both with regards to the teaching I have received and the opportunities to take part in extracurricular activities that I have been given. I thoroughly enjoy all three subjects, even though each is very different from the other.

Primary education personal statement ucas

Personal Statement - Primary Education 4 Primary Education and Education Studies 4 The first formative learning we acquire is vital to our education, with the balanced National Curriculum providing practical and theoretical skills, forming the foundations of our learning. My experience that I have gained whilst working with children has strengthened my understanding of education and enjoyment when helping children, thus confirming my decision to become a Primary School Teacher.

My enthusiasm to become a Primary School Teacher has developed since my first weeks work experience two years ago. During the week I helped the children with a variety of activities, ranging from literacy and cooking to Sports Day. This work experience gave me an insight into classroom atmosphere and the importance of structure within the teaching day.

I also participated in a school trip. The change of the environment enhanced my appreciation that teaching can occur both in and outside of the classroom. Since studying my A-Levels I have continued to widen my experience with children from the ages of I have regularly attended a paired reading scheme at my school, whereby I helped to support and guide the children with their reading.

The children have benefitted from these weekly sessions, and as the weeks passed I was pleased to see a greater confidence and ability within their reading.

I consistently babysit which often involves helping the children with their homework and has therefore strengthened my skills of working on a one-to-one individual basis. Securing good connections at a Primary School has enabled me to take part in further work experience, such as helping out at art days, school plays and the summer fete, allowing me to acknowledge the wider duties teachers undertake.

For the past eight months I have helped out at Guides as a Young Leader, which has seen me take on a variety of responsibilities and activities, including a week on Guide Camp.

Recently I planned and ran a Halloween night, which I feel was successful due the preparation I made prior to the evening, hence highlighting to me the importance of organisation as a skill in order to be a teacher.

I am working on my Gold D of E, a scheme which has helped me to develop time management skills, which is key to organisation of the expedition, whilst also completing the other activities and continuing with my academic studies.

Primary education personal statement ucas

D of E convinced me to go to Peru for a month whereby I completed a trek, visited historical places, and helped build a market, whilst immersing myself within the culture.

The tight budget meant luxuries were restricted allowing us to observe a more realistic view of the country and the traditions they hold. For eight years I have regularly attended an Athletics Club, whereby I have participated in track and field events as well as cross country to a county level.

Team sports such as football and netball have allowed me to develop self discipline, time management and communication skills. Being a Primary school Teacher is something in which I have been strongly passionate about for the last few years, and the experience I have undertaken has confirmed my decision.Primary Education Personal Statement Coming from Uganda, I feel privileged to have been brought up in an African country with one of the continent’s highest literacy rates.

I read hundreds of UCAS applications for teacher training every year and I cannot stress how important the personal statement is.

Personal Statement - Primary Education | The Student Room

It is my only insight into who you are and I tend to read it first. I immediately look for a passion to teach.

Primary education personal statement ucas

Personal statements that do not mention children or schools. Example Primary Teaching Personal Statement. I have completed a degree in Business and Human Resource Management, and have gained some experience of the commercial world, but it has become increasingly clear to me that my real calling is towards the education of .

UCAS Personal Statement Examples Education covers a broad range of topics including Primary Education, Child Integrated Professional Care and Child Nursing and the like.

These various subjects all focus on the fundamentals of educational services, whether this is learning to become a university lecturer or even if it’s just looking to become.

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Primary Education Personal Statement. I have wanted to pursue a career in Primary Education for several years now. I also greatly enjoy my studies of English, having achieved A grades at AS level in both English Literature and English Language, which is why I wish to study this as a specialism.

Write a UCAS Progress personal statement; Apprenticeships and traineeships. Apprenticeships for post; Primary Education at Aberdeen produces creative, motivated and highly-skilled primary teachers confident to work with children in any educational setting.

The information presented in the UCAS application will be used .

Primary Teaching Personal Statement