Panera bread swot

Now customers can too with the launch of Panera 2. Those ideals have inspired him to write a comprehensive new recipe for his St. It started with the memo he drafted a few years ago, sketching out improvements he eventually wanted to make that cut against the grain in an industry that can seem to fetishize efficiency. The result is Panera 2.

Panera bread swot

Identification of one key problem…………… A Case Study Synopsis of the situation Panera Bread is a casual made-to-order fast food restaurant that offers specialty breads, sandwiches, tossed salads and soups. Established inwith 1, company owned and franchised locations, Panera Bread has moved into the forefront of the restaurant business, and has strategically penetrated the market while acquiring a robust amount of loyal customers.

Most of the restaurants offer the choice of indoor and outdoor dining. A fireplace inside the restaurant is appealing to many customers during the winter months, of whom are looking for a hot cup of coffee and a place to read their newspaper or book.

Coffee, tea, and soda are offered with free refills, and water with lemons is complementary. Every restaurant is well staged with elegant displays of their specialty baked products, making it nearly impossible not to indulge.

This fast growing restaurant has maintained a competitive edge due to their appealing interior design, neutral dining environment, fresh baked goods, fresh coffee and tea, made-to-order foods with possible drive-through capabilities, customer rewards card, tables equipped with electrical outlets, and efficient service.

Panera Bread establishments, undoubtedly, offer an experience that can only occur at Panera Bread. These competitors all Panera bread swot a fast product, unique to their own establishment, and they do it at a lower price. After they arrive at the restaurant, they are usually shocked by the high lunch traffic, and wonder if they have enough time in their one hour lunch to order and receive a Panera product.

Because of the high volume of patrons, they may receive an electric device which vibrates and beeps Panera bread swot their order is ready.

Panera bread swot

After they receive their order, they look at their watch, and decide they will have to consume their lunch in the car as they make their way back to work. After walking towards the exit, they realize that there are no available tables for them anyways, as most of the tables have laptops on them, and are being utilized as a library.

The soups, with the most popular being broccoli and cheddar, usually become the dipping sauce for the sandwiches and the complimentary piece of French bread.

Recognized as a fast food and made-to-order restaurant, much like McDonalds, and Subway, Panera Bread is accompanied by a longer wait time.

You must drive to their location, wait on a line, and then wait for your food. David, David, Emmitt and Mandy. Page 6 of 8 Panera Bread does not have an attractive dinner menu, with entrees or other dishes that that come with a side of vegetables or potatoes. Although their menu is perceived as being vast, it is only vast in relation to its genre of food products.

The environment at Panera Bread is attractive to patrons looking to spend the day, while tapping into its unlimited supply of cold and hot beverages. From sunrise to sunset, a person may occupy an entire table doing homework for a college class.

Students and others usually distribute throughout the restaurant, occupying all of the tables, leaving no place to sit for a neighborhood family.

Identification of one key problem Problem: The student population inside the restaurants occupies most of the tables, leaving little to no available seating for neighborhood friends and families.

Because the environment at Panera offers an appropriate work and study setting, it has replaced neighborhood libraries for some. When the population inside Panera is made with students, and little to no actual customers, the operation of Panera bread as a restaurant becomes compromised.

Without seating, customers are not able to consume the foods they hoped to enjoy, thus they are reluctant to return.

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When I spoke to the Manager, Addie, at the Evanston, IL location, she informed me that there is no plan of action in place that addresses this issue.

Opportunity Associated With The Problem. The restaurant can appeal to both target audiences by defining parameters that meet the needs of their much appreciated customers, and their student population. The free WiFi is a featured restaurant attribute which is needed by students in order to perform their school assignments.

Identifying this potential problem, with a solution made via WiFi control, will create opportunities for Panera Bread. During peak lunch hours, when the traffic is highest, Panera bread should shut down their Free WiFi.

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Most students cannot afford to lose a couple hours of internet access, thus they would be encouraged to relocate. Consequently, students may start to occupy Panera bread from sunrise until This opportunity, which focusses on establishing a relationship between two populations, helps Panera to emphasize the importance of students or daily book readers, and also their everyday customers.

Rather than simply marketing their restaurants to the general public, they can strategically take into consideration two target audiences, and make an effort to satisfy both. Students usually require free WiFi, so if they begin to charge a fee for internet access, it would discourage students.

Although this solution would decrease student occupancy, it would impact the environment associated with recognized dining experience, and possibly diminish their reputation as being an accommodating, friendly, and casual restaurant. Some locations have started to impose a 30 minute limit for internet access.

The results of this new control has left many patrons and students very dissatisfied. Panera bread is known as casual meeting ground for business coworkers, and the implementation of a 30 minute window of internet access disallows a work condition suitable to these individuals.

Daniels writes an internet post on April 9th, to introduce a new rule at one of Long Islands Panera bread locations.Sep 29,  · 2. What does a SWOT analysis of Panera Bread reveal about the overall attractiveness of its situation? Does the company have any core competencies or distinctive competencies?

Strengths: * Differentiated Menu.

Panera Bread Company Summary

* Locations. * The New Catering System. * Customer Loyalty. * Financial Situation. Sep 29,  · Objective Using a SWOT analysis, we will analyze the attractiveness of Panera Bread's current situation and provide strategic recommendations for Panera's board of directors.

Situational Analysis of Panera Bread Company Essay Conducting a situational analysis of the environment of Panera Bread Company considered the multi-dimensional factors affecting its performance and the identification of challenges or problems that led to the development of recommended solutions to support the sustainability of the company.

Panera Bread operates through three business segments, namely Company Bakery-Cafe Operations, Franchise Operations, and Fresh Dough and Other Product Operations.

Panera bread swot

This report will evaluate Panera Bread Company internal strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats (SWOT). Company profile Panera Bread is an American public company operating in the fast food industry and was founded in the year Panera Bread’s “Live Consciously, Eat Deliciously” platform, which launched in late February after nearly a year of testing and research, is a first for the brand.

Rather than touting Panera’s products, it focuses on the concept’s philosophy.

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