Pagan and christian holidays

Share via Email Hot cross buns: Alamy Easter is a pagan festival. Today, we see a secular culture celebrating the spring equinoxwhilst religious culture celebrates the resurrection.

Pagan and christian holidays

Ancient well at the Church of the Visitation - most likely was originally a sacred pagan site. Paganism predates Christianity by thousands to millions of years.

Christianity is the largest religion in the world today, boasting over 2 billion inalongside of Islam with over 1 billion followers in In the past five years, those numbers have surely increased.

Why is the title of this section Christianity is a lot like Paganism? If we do our research and really dive into the often untold origins of Christianity, we will see that much of the Christian religion is in fact pagan at its roots. Many people will bark at this statement and call it heresy, but in this article I will present the facts and show both Christians and Pagans how alike they actually are.

How connected we all are, even if we are told that we are different and divided. Many ancient churches were built on top of ancient pagan holy sites. Source What is Paganism? Paganism has different definitions, depending on the person or source you ask.

Paganism is an umbrella term, meaning it covers a wide range of religions and belief systems, including but not limited to: Christianity is one of the three major world religions and is one of the Abrahamic religions.

Its roots are embedded in the Middle East, and its furthest beginnings reach back to the time of Abraham.

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This religion is based off of the Holy Bible, which is a collection of ancient books selected and compiled by a group of religious officials and Constantine in the s AD. Christianity is also an umbrella term in that there are hundreds of branches of Christianity, including but not limited to: What do these two have in common?

The roots of Christianity are interlaced with some of the most ancient pagan traditions and elements, mainly because the Church gained power through conversion. In order to convert the people of Europe and the world from their pagan beliefs, they either had to turn them against their beliefs by fear or accept and adopt some of their beliefs into the Christian religion.

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We will dive into these traditions shortly. The god Mithras feasting at a banquet with the "Sun". Source Questions of Polytheism vs. Monotheism in the Bible Most people do not realize, but within the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, "God" is called by more than one name.

The first name of God revealed in the book of Genesis is "Elohim" and is used the most throughout the Old Testament. Following, God is called "El" which many claim is just a shortened version of Elohim. There are those who claim these are just different names for the same God, but if we look at the people who came before Christ from the Old Testament times, we will see that they were nomadic, polytheistic tribes.

They had multiple gods, though there were some who tried to eradicate the multiples to focus on the one "true god". If Moses was upset that his tribe was worshiping a "false idol" by the name of "El", were El and his one true God the same?

Let us also examine the mention of the goddess Ashtart Greek name Astartewho is mentioned frequently in the Old Testament. A few of the Hebrew Kings, namely Solomon, tried to instill a cult of Ashtart with his people, though many resisted there were some who were supportive of these endeavors.

So we can see that while some Hebrews were against polytheism, there were still many who followed a polytheistic path And what about the Holy Trinity? As a child, it never made sense to me that three gods could be equal to one god.

I was told it was an abstract concept and I would understand one day when I grew up. When the Council of Nicaea convened in ADone of the main issues they were to decide upon was whether Christ was God and how they would instill belief in him as God.Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

In the New Testament of the Bible, the event is said. One Page Bible - courtesy of books and chapters hyper-linked from one single page to make your reading selection easy.

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Pagan and christian holidays

introduces you to Christianity's origins in ancient Pagan religion. You'll discover the evidence, the scholarship, and the reasoning behind this eye opening understanding of western intellectual history.

The pagan observances influenced the Christian festival of All Hallows' Eve, celebrated on the same date." Encyclopedia Britannica, Micropedia IV, pg ; Samhain, or Halloween, is the highest night of human sacrifice on the Illuminati calendar.

The Bible does not tell us when Jesus was born.

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However, we know that the angels announced the birth of Christ to the Bethlehem shepherds in the open fields who were tending their flocks by night. Easter; Lent; All Holidays; Easter is the Christian Passover festival. The usual argument for the pagan origins of Easter is based on a comment made by the Venerable Bede (), an.

Are Holidays like Christmas and Easter pagan or Christian?