Mrea business planning spreadsheet

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Mrea business planning spreadsheet

Stewart Lamble built this version. They just move the mount in a steady slow motion. There is no Sun position feed-back sensing done at all. This tracker is a bit different from most, if not all, other sensor based solar trackers. Those work by directly measuring voltage, current, or resistance of the light sensor.

This tracker uses the time it takes to charge a capacitor to a voltage. The integration time is directly proportional to the light intensity on the LEDs. While this example is based on thediscrete transistor versions can also be made.

AGF is the amplification of aiming error angle to the sun to proportionately apply power to drive the motors. The motors are moved in a way to minimize the aiming error angle. More aiming error results in more power to the motor to get back to the minimum error angle.

In the example, U2 and U3 are timer integration circuits.

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And there are many more clones of the originalsome in dual and quad packages. The venerable NE also works though it draws draws more current. BTW, the NE is considered the oldest continuously produced integrated circuit, from at leastand still going strong.

Refer to the timing diagram: U1 is an astable multivibrator. If in the dark, charging will be slower. I have tested this circuit throughout this range and up to 18V, the maximum allowed voltage. The sensors I have used ranged from infra red photo diodes to ultra violet LEDs and they all worked fine.

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I tested it using a pair of 1N Germanium point contact diodes as the sensors, worked just fine. I did have to scrape off the paint to let light in.

mrea business planning spreadsheet

A pair of 1N switching diodes. A pair of small silicon PV cells. Actually most, if not all, semiconductors of any type are affected by light.

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Glass packaged diodes, plastic LEDs, ICs with windows, and any other way that allows light to enter affects the semiconductor's characteristics.

Usually leakage current or photovoltaic but other things also. No wonder most have black opaque packages. Here is an article about this in EDN magazine. On the dark side by Walter Sjursen. Technically, diodes D2 and D3 are in the sensor circuit.

They too have photovoltaic effects, even with no sensors attached these 2 diodes affect the timing. It would be best to shield them from light, or paint them black.

Even though this voltage is lower than the supply voltage they still work fine even at 18V, just be aware. Your parts may vary so just test them for reverse leakage current. The single ended circuit simply stops moving when it gets dark, "No-Parking".

I wanted to implement "Parking" when it gets dark.Learn this method for creating a simple one-page real estate business plan to organize everything an agent wants to accomplish in a year on a single page.

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mrea business planning spreadsheet

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