Leon garfields novel smith essay

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Leon garfields novel smith essay

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Smith by Leon Garfield

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First published in , Garfield’s story feels like a classic Dickens novel rather than a piece of historical fiction mirroring Dickens.

How Does Leon Garfield structure the novel ‘Smith’ to keep the reader interested?

Leon garfields novel smith essay

Leon Garfield uses cliffhangers and other techniques to draw the. Essays and criticism on Leon Garfield - Critical Essays. Smollett—a statement intended as a compliment—make Mr. Garfield an author worth watching. Leon Garfield. Smith. Leon Garfield. The succeeding entanglement takes Smith from genteel comfort to the horrors of Newgate in the company of pharisees and publicans, honest rogues and the devil's cajoling disciple.

A disquieting story, told with Mr. Garfield's customary elan; a story that is both somber and sardonic, leavened with raucous good spirits and simple compassion. Leon Garfield was a British writer of fiction.

He is best known for children's historical novels, though he also wrote for adults. Smith and the blind judge, Mr. Mansfield, are the most effectively drawn and carefully balanced characters in the novel.

Smith is motivated by the need to survive; he is a clever and quick pickpocket but has a sense of compassion that leads him to offer a helping hand to old Mr. Mansfield.

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