Innocence project new orleans

Gasoline was then poured over their bodies and they, along with the house they were in, were set ablaze.

Innocence project new orleans

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Student Organizations | Duke University School of Law John Draper Witherspoon, was a student at Tulane University medical school.
Student Organizations Here's one he gets a lot:

Alexander transition home after 40 years, here. He was arrested for the crime based on a deeply flawed, unreliable identification procedure.

Alexander was released from the Jefferson Parish jail today. Alexander was just 21 years old when he was convicted after a trial that began and ended all in the same day. We know there are many more innocent people in prison today because their lawyers did not provide effective representation, or did not have the resources to put on an adequate defense.

Without effective defense counsel, our system is nothing more than a conviction mill. Alexander has always maintained his innocence of the November 8,rape of the owner of a new antique store on Whitney Avenue in Gretna, Louisiana. The victim, who was white, was grabbed from behind in the empty store by a black man and taken to a small, dark, private bathroom in the back of the store where she was raped from behind with a gun to her head.

Five Facts You Need to Know About Groundbreaking Jailhouse Informant Law in Illinois

In FebruaryAlexander, who is black, had a consensual encounter with a white woman who asked him for money and then later accused him of sexual assault. Yet, police conducted a physical line-up three days later that included Alexander.

Alexander was the only person from the photo array who was shown again to the victim in the physical line-up. The lead detective on the case was not available to conduct the line-up, so another detective conducted the procedure.

Promise of Justice Initiative

Alexander who faced a mandatory sentence of life without parole, yet the attorney that he entrusted with his life did next to nothing to defend him. Alexander received a life sentence for the guilty verdict. Although the attorney promised to file an appeal of the verdict, he never filed it.

Alexander never gave up and continued the fight to prove his innocence. Three crime scene hairs had the same DNA profile that did not match to Alexander or the victim. Alexander was wrongly convicted, we have learned how to greatly reduce the possibility of misidentification through improved eyewitness identification procedures, but Louisiana has yet to adopt these best practices.The theme for the 17 th annual Innocence Project New Orleans Gala was "Together We Persist," recognizing the persistence over the years of IPNO staff and interns in solving cases, as well as the.

Innocence project new orleans

Sit-Ins Background & Context. was the year of the student-led lunch-counter sit-ins. For those who are not familiar with lunch-counters, they were the fast-food providers of the era (McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King, and others were just getting started).

Wrongful Conviction Day is an international day to raise awareness of the causes and remedies of wrongful conviction and to recognize the tremendous personal, social, and emotional costs of wrongful conviction for innocent people and their families.

A Parody of Sound of Silence – Confounds the Science. A key element to the administration of 45 is to dismantle the role of science in decision-making going so far as to attempt the elimination of the use of the terms “science-based” and “evidence-based” from the CDCs reporting structure.

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The clubs and organizations at Duke Law run the gamut, from the Innocence Project to the Off the Record A Capella Group to the Business Law Society. If your particular interests aren’t represented by the many groups listed below, you are welcome and encouraged to start your own.

Please contact the Office of Student Affairs with questions.

Aug 01,  · NEW ORLEANS -- Some questions seem particularly prone to set John Thompson off. Here's one he gets a lot: Have the prosecutors who sent him to death row.

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