How to write a depression story

However, I am talking about stories in other genres which are filled with pretty much nothing but tragedy, woe and misery. Yes, if a story is based on real events eg: Ok, how do I balance out my story? Again, you should only add these things to your story if they fit in fairly well with the rest of your story.

How to write a depression story

She recently released her first ebook, How to Manage Depression Without Drugswhich is her personal journey of using story, music how to write a depression story and ritual to find her way out of depression.

You can find Janna on TwitterFacebookand her blog. You might think that writers are naturally inclined to use writing as therapy. Writing and my depression Yes, I wrote while depressed — nearly every day.

But I wrote emotional rants. Diatribes about how awful life was and how horrible I felt. What an untalented, unskilled, unlucky, unlovable, un-everything person I am. The problem with this kind of writing is that it reinforces the negative pattern of depression.

I think and feel miserable, therefore I write down the miserable thoughts and feelings. This cycle is not helpful. It is not therapeutic. Sure, maybe I get some of the negativity out of my body and mind, but then it is down on paper or computer screen — glaring back at me in black and white — telling me that, yes in fact, that negativity exists.

how to write a depression story

When I think back on it now, it strikes me as odd that my editor-brain was completely blind to my own writing. If I were to read an emotional rant from a peer or client, someone asking for my professional feedback, I would view it with a critical, editorial eye as a shitty first draft, and I would look for ways to revise it to the next best possible draft.

Writing and my personal narrative It took the help of a therapist to help me revise my personal narrative. You might say he was acting as my editor. I had to revise it from the miserable emotional diatribes that I wrote while depressed to this better story of vibrancy and rejuvenation: I want to be healthy and strong.

Writing and my revision process It all began with writing.

how to write a depression story

What matters is that something comes out, because then I have a starting point. I have words to work with. Any words are better than no words. Once I have some words I can revise. I can read the words and think about whether they are the best words.

Are they the words that I want? Do I want to be that miserable person? Then how do I change the words so that they are not so miserable? I change one word here and one word there. Do I continue to write the miserable stuff?

Or do I begin to write revised stuff that is slightly less miserable?

Creative Depression Writing

Revising is improving — always improving, moving closer to the positive and true version of the story I want to be writing and living. She writes about how she manages her health. She writes about her own creative life in spite of depression and chronic illness.

She writes about how much progress she has made in one year. She writes about her personal journey and publishes ebooks so that others may benefit from her story.

Has writing played a part in your personal narrative? Share in the comments.Depression is a complicated thing to write about, but just like it’s important for us to represent people from different races and cultures, it’s important for us to represent people with different mental and physical illnesses too.

Depression is a complicated thing to write about, but just like it’s important for us to represent people from different races and cultures, it’s important for us to represent people with different mental and physical illnesses too.

Creative Depression Writing. Below you will find a list of discussions in the Creative Depression Writing forum at Take This Life. The Creative Depression Writing forum is where community members Share creative stories you have written about depression or suicide.

Sep 22,  · So, paradoxically, if you want to write a seriously tragic and depressing story, be sure to add a few uplifting or emotionally-neutral scenes to it. Sorry that this article was slightly short (and probably slightly badly-written), but I hope that it .

Start with dramatizing the inciting incident of the story, what kicks off the story in a big way, the punch to the gut. Complicate the story progressive problems.

The challenges get bigger and bigger as the story goes on.

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Oct 11,  · If you want to write sad stories, you'll have to start by seeking inspiration. Consider what makes you sad. For about 10 minutes, free write on the topic of sadness.

Talk about the kind of situations that make you sad. There are a lot of changes that come in life that can make people sad. Friendships and other relationships ending can cause sadness%().

Hannah Heath: Writing Characters with Depression: What You're Doing Wrong