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Harold n maude

He came from a political family: When Wilson was eight, he visited London and a much-reproduced photograph was taken of him standing on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street.

At the age of ten he went with his Harold n maude to Australia, where he became fascinated with the pomp and glamour of politics. On the way home he told his mother, "I am going to be Prime Minister.

His father, working as an industrial chemist, was made redundant in Decemberand it took him nearly two years to find work; he moved to Spital in Cheshire, on the Wirralin order to do so.

Garter banner of Harold Wilson at Jesus College Chapel, Oxford, where he studied Modern History Wilson did well at school and, although he missed getting a scholarship, he obtained an exhibition ; this, when topped up by a county grant, enabled him to study Modern History at Jesus College, Oxfordfrom At Oxford, Wilson was moderately active in politics as a member of the Liberal Party but was strongly influenced by G.

His politics tutor, R. McCallumconsidered Wilson as the best student he ever had. Academically his results put him among prime ministers in the category of Peel, Gladstone, Asquith, and no one else.

What he was superb at was the quick assimilation of knowledge, combined with an ability to keep it ordered in his mind and to present it lucidly in a form welcome to his examiners.

Mary Wilson became a published poet. In their twenties, his sons were under a kidnap threat from the IRA because of their father's prominence. For much of this time, he was a research assistant to William Beveridgethe Master of University College, working on the issues of unemployment and the trade cycle.

Wilson later became a statistician and economist for the coal industry. Member of Parliament —64 As the war drew to an end, he searched for a seat to fight at the impending general election. He was selected for the constituency of Ormskirkthen held by Stephen King-Hall. Wilson agreed to be adopted as the candidate immediately rather than delay until the election was called, and was therefore compelled to resign from his position in the Civil Service.

He served as Praelector in Economics at University College between his resignation and his election to the House of Commons. He also used this time to write A New Deal for Coal, which used his wartime experience to argue for nationalisation of the coal mines on the grounds of the improved efficiency he predicted would ensue.

In the general electionWilson won his seat in the Labour landslide. Two years later, he became Secretary for Overseas Tradein which capacity he made several official trips to the Soviet Union to negotiate supply contracts.

The boundaries of his Ormskirk constituency was significantly altered before the general election of He stood instead for the new seat of Huyton near Liverpool, and was narrowly elected; he served there for 33 years until He took a lead in abolishing some wartime rationing, which he referred to as a "bonfire of controls".

Wilson was given the task during his Swiss holiday of taking a letter to Cripps informing him of the decision to devalue, to which Cripps had been opposed.

He was not seriously considered for the job of Chancellor when Cripps stepped down in October —it was given to Gaitskell—possibly in part because of his dubious role during devaluation. At this time, Wilson was not yet regarded as a heavyweight politician: Wilson, who had been runner-up in the elections, stepped up to fill the vacant place.

He was supported in this by Richard Crossmanbut his actions angered Bevan and the other Bevanites. Despite his earlier association with Bevan, in he backed Hugh Gaitskellthe right-wing candidate in internal Labour Party terms, against Bevan for the party leadership. He coined the term " Gnomes of Zurich " to ridicule Swiss bankers for selling Britain short and pushing the pound down by speculation.

Gaitskell's leadership was weakened after the Labour Party's defeathis controversial attempt to ditch Labour's commitment to nationalisation by scrapping Clause Fourand his defeat at the Party Conference over a motion supporting unilateral nuclear disarmament.

Bevan had died in Julyso Wilson established himself as a leader of the Labour left by launching an opportunistic but unsuccessful challenge to Gaitskell's leadership in November Wilson would later be moved to the position of Shadow Foreign Secretary inbefore he challenged for the deputy leadership in but was defeated by George Brown.

Opposition Leader, —64 Gaitskell died in Januaryjust as the Labour Party had begun to unite and appeared to have a very good chance of winning the next election, with the Macmillan Government running into trouble.

Wilson was adopted as the left-wing candidate for the leadershipdefeating Brown and James Callaghan to become the Leader of the Labour Party and the Leader of the Opposition. At the Labour Party's Annual Conference, Wilson made both his best-remembered speech, on the implications of scientific and technological change.The Theater Hall of Fame was created to honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the American Theater.

Members are elected annually by the nation’s Drama Critics, Drama Editors, and Members of Theater Hall of Fame. N Grant St Little Rock, AR [email protected] © Tipton Hurst.

Harold and Maude Watch Trailer Harold, the 20 - year - old son of a wealthy, neglectful woman, tries to gain attention for himself with various hilariously staged "suicides.".

General manager for South and South-East Asia for Castrol Ltd. A relative writes: "He was a Lieutenant during the Second World War and served as Secretary to the Captain of HMS Malaya until the ship was torpedoed in the Mediterranean, she was able to reach New York under her own power, for repairs.

Harold and Maude is a American romantic black comedy drama directed by Hal Ashby and released by Paramount Pictures. It incorporates elements of dark humor and existentialist drama. The plot revolves around the exploits of a young man named Harold Chasen who is intrigued with death.

Harold Music by: Cat Stevens.

Harold n maude

"Harold and Maude" is a 's era gem that creeps right into your subconscious and never leaves and is one of the best, in and out, of its genre.

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