English distinctly visual

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English distinctly visual

Can anyone provide a C example for this? It does a good job of starting in regions of high saturation and lightness, but misses a lot of subtle colors that are still visually distinct. There has to be a way to grab distinctly different shades at each intensity step.

This answer here is actually wrong. When you add to the mix.

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You pattern it with 0 AND The "Easy Way" color list is equally broken in this respect. Then add and all RGB combinations with those. You might be better off normalizing this into a different color space. So the distinctness of the color is pushed through something more akin to the human eye. So it goes ,0,,64, This algorithm will produce first values: And this solution, while clever basically only does different shades of primary colors.

Much of the clashing is due to green and how similar most greens look to most people. The demand that each be maximally different at start rather than just different enough to not be the same color. And basic flaws in the idea resulting in primary colors patterns, and identical hues.

Using CIELab Color Space and Distance Routine to randomly select and try 10k different colors and find the maximally-distant minimum-distance from previous colors, pretty much the definition of the request avoids clashing longer than the above solution: Which could be just called a static list for the Easy Way.

It took an hour and a half to generate entries: So doing the absolute maximum one can programmatically only makes a couple dozen distinct colors. A discrete list is your best bet.

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You will get more discrete colors with a list than you would programmatically. The easy way is the best solution, start mixing and matching with other ways to alter your data than color. I continued this for about a month so, at brute force.You searched for: DistinctlyIvy!

English distinctly visual

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