Eng 102 essay topics

Write an argumentative essay about some aspect of the "media" television, radio, print media, electronic media, etc. Write an argumentative essay about a topic of your choice. Use at least three sources, citing them parenthetically in the text, and include a list of "Works Cited" following MLA format.

Eng 102 essay topics

Honors Students ENG is the Core English course all freshmen must take or for which they must demonstrate equivalency. This course focuses on the practice of research, reading, and writing within a rhetorical situation, providing a foundation for the writing situations students may encounter in their Core Curriculum.

English extends the writing Eng 102 essay topics developed in English Building on these foundational writing habits, students will engage a contemporary rhetorical situation or problem by immersing themselves in the research practices, methods of analysis, and writing genres necessary for engaged discussion of a particular area of concern.


Students will be introduced to an ongoing debate through various perspectives, including scholarly, public, and popular genres in order to map a rhetorical conversation.

Students will critically analyze these readings to determine opportunities for moving the conversation forward-diversifying and complicating the ongoing discussion. Students will carry out research appropriate to the goals they have identified and produce multiple texts that engage different audiences on this issue.

Students will write three or four formal papers that contribute to the contemporary discussion. These contributions will vary in length, genre, and citation practice, but they should all be informed by substantive research, the exigencies of the issue, and the constraints of the form and its audience.

In addition to these texts, students will write a reflection on their writing, addressing such questions as what constitutes a rhetorical conversation, how can writing productively and diversely contribute to that conversation, and, how do ideas change and adapt as they move among scholarly, public, and popular contexts.

English students will produce pages of polished writing. This course for non-native English speakers covers the exploration of essay forms with particular attention to interpretation and argument; emphasis on analytical reading and writing, critical thinking, and research methodologies.

It covers the English requirement for non-native English speakers. Learning Outcomes Students are expected to achieve the following outcomes: Students will be able to explain the writing process: Students will be able to engage in critical reading and interpretation of a wide range of texts.

Students will be able to summarize, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and apply what they read - both orally and in writing.

Eng 102 essay topics

Students will be able to frame complex research questions or problems. Students will be able to recognize, evaluate, and use a variety of information sources: Students will be able to conduct research that shows evidence of the ability to synthesize, use fairly, and credit the ideas of others using the appropriate citation style.

Students will be able to write coherently and observe the standards of academic English. Students will be able to effectively compose written, oral, and multimedia texts for a variety of scholarly, professional, and creative purposes.

Students will be critical consumers of information, able to engage in systematic research processes, frame questions, read critically, and apply observational and experimental approaches to obtain information. Additional Information for Instructors about Course Themes The benefits of choosing a focused theme include allowing the instructor to draw on personal strengths, providing a narrowed focus to help students choose topics and conduct research, encouraging depth over breadth, and engagement for students and instructors.

The theme-based course, however, requires instructors to keep several things in mind. The theme should be broad enough to allow a variety of different avenues for students to explore.All English sections teach historical, qualitative, and secondary-source research and writing, yet each instructor's course investigates a distinctive topic.

A complete list of the topics can be found by clicking the link below and selecting "English Inquiry Topics." That link contains a pdf file that lists all the English inquiry topics for a semester, sorted by instructor, and.

English Introduction to College Writing and Research Statement of Mission and Course Goals English is a course in academic inquiry: in how writers form their own research questions, and in how academic writers enter and respond to an ongoing conversation through sustained research.

Catalog Description: Exploration of essay forms with particular attention to interpretation and argument; emphasis on analytical reading and writing, critical thinking, and research methodologies. ENG is the Core English course all freshmen must take or for which they must demonstrate.

Skip To Content. Dashboard. Login. ESSAY AND RESEARCH PAPER TOPICS ENGLISH ESSAY ONE - INNOCENCE AND EXPERIENCE (see pp, 78) In everyone’s early life, there are crucial and sudden moments (epiphanies) of psychological insight, self-.

A good research question is the foundation of all future work on the paper. There is a very good chance that your research question will change as you go forward. That’s not a bad thing; in fact, it’s often a sign that you are making progress in focusing and developing your ideas.

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