Deforistation letter

The town council members had refused to exchange their Hussite prisoners. Once inside the hall, the group defenestrated the judge, the burgomasterand several members of the town council.

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Nowadays, many people are concerned about environment problems arising from global warming and deforestation. While global warming leads to severe impacts on our planet, I think that consequences of deforestation would be even more serious.

On the one hand, our planet has been suffering from several impacts of global warming. Firstly, global average temperature were rising continually recent decades, and it sometime was recorded above 50 degree in summer in some big cities.

Number of low-income people cannot survive under this heatwaves, and so with wild animals. For example, polar bears living in sea ice are tracked declining in number because they cannot adapt with extended hot summer.

Secondly, global warming results in the ice smelting at the poles which then lead to several effects such as extreme floods and storms. The flowing of salt water into lands make them inhabitable for native species and unable to cultivate for human.

Finally, many dangerous diseases spread rapidly under warm weather, and they will cause widespread devastation. On the other hand, I would argue that deforestation may be a more alarming problem.

Forests have a critical role in absorbing greenhouse gases, which fuels global warming. In other words, removing the forests means that larger amount of carbon dioxins will enter the atmosphere and accelerate speed of global warming.

Beside that forests are natural habitats for most species in the Earth, and they cannot survive if their homes are destroyed. Furthermore, deforestation also results in many problems such as air pollution, soil erosion and floods.

In conclusion, while global warming causes a lot of damage to our planet, it seems to me that potential consequences of deforestation would be more significant.

Deforistation letter

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Deforestation of The Rainforests Essay - Rainforest Deforestation The intensity of the beauty of the rainforest is indescribable and timeless, and cannot be simply captured by a photograph.

It’s one of nature’s most mystical biological treasures, created over millions of years.

Deforistation letter

Deforestation in Brazil is surging again — after years of decline. Share Deforestation in Brazil is surging again — after years of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon started ticking. Feb 26,  · Write a Letter To Editor About Deforestation. Ravinder Singh, Plazza Enclave New Delhi The Editor The News Times New Delhi Sir, Through the columns of your esteemed daily, Write a Letter To The Bank Blocking The Lost ATM Card And Request For Replacing It With New Angel Rose.

Support the Friends of the Amazon's Stop Deforestation in the Amazon Program by working directly with us or by writing a letter to governmental officials. For more information on our Stop Deforestation in the Amazon Program or to find out how you can prevent the destruction of the Amazon, please contact us using the email address below.

Apr 01,  · Written by: Emily Davis, J. Lee Kendzior, Jack Hayes, Tom James & Ruth Sowers. Deforestation is bad for people and the planet When I was little, I didn’t notice how many trees there were.

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