Dance sport

People dance at weddings, quinceaneras, night clubs, socials, and even on TV.

Dance sport

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Figures[ edit ] In the figures discipline, skaters trace figure circles painted on the skating surface. This is different from skaters of compulsory figures on ice, who skate on blank ice, and draw their own circles on the ice as they skate.

The official dimension of the Dance sport loop figure circles measured similarly is Dance sport. Circles are typically painted in "serpentines"—sets of three circular lobes. The basic figures skated are typically referred to by numbers, the same as those skated by ice skatersranging from simple circle eights through serpentines figures using one push for a circle and a halfparagraphs figures using one push for two circlesand loops smaller circles with a teardrop-shaped loop skated at the top of the circle.

There is one category of very simple figures and that are unique to roller skaters; these are serpentines that begin with a half circle skated on one foot, then change to the other foot, for the next circle, then change back to the other foot for another half circle.

These figures are often taught as beginning figures for those just starting. They include simple circle eights, circle eights with [three turns], and serpentines.

The harder figures include counters, brackets, rockers, etc. Judges in figure events consider the quality of the skater's tracing of the circle, clean takeoffs, edges and correct placement of turns. The skater's form and posture is emphasized as well.

Nellie Donegan, Australia Dance[ edit ] Dance roller skating contains three major sub-disciplines: Compulsory dance, original dance, and free dance. Compulsory dance contains prescribed compulsory dances and steps that must be performed, such as the Imperial Tango, the 14 Step, the Keats Foxtrotor the Flirtation Waltz.

Dance sport

Some of the dances are the same as performed in ice dancing competition, while others are unique to roller skating. American Dance is performed only at the United States National level and below, and emphasizes keeping the upper body upright and free from movement. Original Dance consists of a dance constructed of two rhythms chosen from a set of rhythms that FIRS changes every year.

Free Dance is similar to the ice free dance, although with some rules changes. Skaters do not need to follow a pattern around the floor, but rather must be creative in their interpretation of the music. Dancers cannot do any jumps or spins that are recognizable in freestyle skating.

This has a tighter pattern than a free dance, but is created by the skater or their coach. This pattern can be to any music, as long as it doesn't change speed. The pattern must be repeated twice, with opening and closing steps.Dance in the New Year.

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Dance sport

Mid-Autumn Dance Festival September 15, at Crystal Ballroom, Richmond B.C This BRAND NEW one-day competition takes place with a theme of Mid-Autumn Festival. Dancers compete in all three styles of DanceSport, being Modern Ballroom, Latin American and New Vogue.

Also included is a" Group Showdance " event which is an opportunity for dancers of all ages and levels of proficiency to enjoy performing in a group. Asian Pacific DanceSport Championship - Shenzhen City, China WDSF Absolute Judgement Course (JS ) Focus Newsletter 39 Aug Women Leaders in Sport.

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