Belonging is a double edged sword

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Belonging is a double edged sword

Also the weapon of choice for Alabasta soldiers. Once its blade is destroyed, Luffy dismisses the weapon as just a Bomb on a Stick. In Princess Mononokethe people of Iron Town seem to favor naginatas.

This probably stems from the naginata being a woman's weapon, traditionally. San also carries a spear at several points in the movie. Kyouko from Puella Magi Madoka Magica wields a spear nearly twice her height, and it can also be broken up into multiple segments connected by chains.

In the Manga version, her weapon has a cross-guard just beneath the head. The symbolism is entirely intentional. The Kinjakan is a polearm with a detachable metal ring as its head, which can spin and zip around at lightning speeds with devastating force. The Gekkaja is a polearm with a viciously sharp, crescent moon-shaped blade, which can flash-freeze anything it comes into contact with.

Also, when particularly irritated, the only weapon Soun Tendo will reach for is a yari spear. He may bring out a naginata when in full samurai regalia.

Actually, in one episode of the anime, at least, he is shown wielding a sword, and in at least one other he is shown with two sheathed swords at his hip. He's also used a bow and arrows in at least the manga as well.

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Well, okay, most of the time, she uses one with a wooden blade, but isn't averse to busting out a real one for "serious" fights. Saint Seiya The God Poseidon wields a trident as his signature weapon. It can focus his divine power as damaging blasts, and is quite sharp.

The Gold Cloth of Libra also has a smaller, shorter trident as part of its arsenal.


Poseidon's warrior Chrysaor also wields an ornate spear, which he uses very effectively until Dragon Shiryu slices its head off with his Excalibur. Pandora also has a spear as her preferred weapon. Shichiroji from Samurai 7. In combat he uses a type of spear; the only samurai not using a sword.

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Tao Ren wields a guan dao early on in Shaman King before he switches to a sword. Nadeshiko from Shugo Chara!The Kirpan (ceremonial sword) worn by followers of the Sikh religion sometimes raises questions or concerns among people who are unfamiliar with the religion or it's tenants.

A test missile lifted off from the Palmachim air base Thursday morning in what the Defense Ministry said was a scheduled trial. Residents in the area of the base, located south of Tel Aviv, heard.

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Wittmann Antique Militaria SS & Police Swords. The swords, or degens in the German, carried by the German Police and the SS were based on a rigid design approved by SS channels in The degen was composed of a nickeled hilt design with "D" guard shape and black ebony grip. The Illuminati and The Council on Foreign Relations One-World-Government Conspiracy.

Belonging is a double edged sword

and. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Kick-Ass: One of the many weapons that Hit-Girl is shown to be proficient with is what appears to be a double-ended glaive.; In The Hidden Fortress there is an extensive spear duel between Makabe and Hyoe.; Daphne in The Gamers: Dorkness Rising wields a spear.; In Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Prince Nuada has two weapons: a curved short sword.

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