American writing association scam

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American writing association scam


But words that come to mind are fraud, scam, rip off, con, fake or hoax. The term "sleeze" might be a good one to throw in too. They are certainly engaged in fraud, false advertising and deceptive and unconscionable business practices, intentionally and knowingly make false and misleading representations with the intent to deceive.

american writing association scam

And as you read this, keep in mind there is no such person as Michael Masterson the originator of this program. You can find newspaper articles covering the fraud in newspaper archives online.

In fact, a while back got into some legal difficulties with the State of Florida for pretending to be a school. There are no graduates, no diplomas. All they do is write down a bunch of standard comments and return it to you. Masterson were really experts at copywriting, why do operate out of a dingy little building on a dumpy high crime side street in Delray Beach, Florida?

Many are written by copywriter wannabes who are trying to boost their careers. These are people who have failed as copywriters despite taking the AWAI course but are trying to project the image of a winners in the hopes of gaining some recognition. Their claims are completely unsubstantiated and fall in the category of wishful thinking.

american writing association scam

None of this extra stuff is any better than the course itself which is a poorly written, rudimentary and dumbed-down. The main part of the program is nothing more than a cheap page loose-leaf notebook with a lot of blank parts for you to do your "exercises".

They simply assign a high value to them to mislead you. It is designed to get you all worked up for additional purchases.

You think you are getting an all inclusive course, but then they say you need to know more Like many of these self-appointed copywriting gurus, he seldom if ever seems to actually be practicing his so-called profession. You would think there would be a lot more money in selling "billions" in products and services than in suckering people into a silly, get rich quick copywriting course.

And for some strange reason, you never actually get to see any samples of his "killer" copy. The real world is looking for real, professional, creative, talented, educated, experienced, proven copywriters who know how to drive sales, not correspondence course graduates.


AWAI intentionally and recklessly misrepresents the job market for freelance copywriters. They even call it retirement. None of this is true. They would probably tell you it cures cancer if they thought they could get away with it.

He is constantly selling himself as an expert on everything under the sun in an effort to set his readers up for all sorts of "get rich quick", "pie in the sky" products.

Working for free is not the same thing as a six-figure income. There is no such person as Michael Masterson. And his brother Justin Ford, who is used for testimonials regularly, seems to have an identity crisis.

Recently his name has begun appearing as Jason Ford. He assigns different writers to different topics or chapters. More smoke and mirrors. And it took the winner something like 10 months of writing and rewriting to get it. The endless, ongoing work designed to make the whole sham appear honest, honorable and trustworthy.

Schlesinger says classic con men, besides being psychopathic and greedy, are driven by a need to show the world how clever they are. I get up at 11, work four hours a day, and make millions. With all this false and misleading stuff going on, what else is wrong here?

Once your credibility is gone All too good to be true. Right out of the clear blue sky. She is their much needed, but completely manufactured success story.

So, after selling untold thousands of copywriting programs, the very best AWAI can come up with is one, single, lowly fabricated success story? A bookshelf full of useful, diverse material.

Check your local book store or sources online. Taking some college courses in marketing and sales would help too.American Grant Writers' Association ℠ is the national association of professional grant writers and grant managers. Our 1, members work as Grant Consultants or Employees at Local Government Agencies, School Districts, Higher Education Institutions, Corporations, Foundations, Native Tribes, and Non-Profit Organizations throughout the United States, and some of our members work abroad.

Fraud Recovery Fund Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act Scam: How It Works (with video below) Be aware of the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act Scam aka the Victims of Crime Compensation Fund Scheme happening these could be an email or a phone call.

It could affect you regardless if you've been a past victim of a fraudulent activity or not. Learn more about the American Heart Association's efforts to reduce death caused by heart disease and stroke.

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Also learn about cardiovascular conditions, ECC and CPR, donating, heart disease information for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and educators and healthy living.

American Grant Writer Association Complaint Review: American Grant Writer AssociatAmerican Grant Writer Association I have been internet frauded Alhambra California NOTICE!

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Jan 13,  · I signed up to get some experience writing and until I receive a writing job from IAPWE I will classify it as a scam.

Thanks to all those who have posted here. It has given me great insight on the "association" and what I should expect. american screenwriters association or steven kirwan nor the website owner assumes responsibility for the accuracy or appropriateness of the information, data, opinions, advice, or statements contained at such sites, and when you access such sites, you are doing so at your own risk.

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