A piece of cake

She struggled to wake her up, pushing and pulling until she managed to tug her mother's lifeless corpse onto her own small body, crushing her beneath its dead weight. After squeezing out from under her mother, Cupcake calmly walked over to the phone and called her aunt Lori. Rather than being allowed to live with the man she believed to be her father--who turns out to have been her stepfather--she is forced into a foster home where the kids were terrorized, the refrigerator padlocked, and Cupcake sexually abused. She eventually fled the house, only to find herself wandering from misadventure to misadventure in the "system," while also developing a massive appetite for drugs and alcohol, an appetite she paid for by turning tricks.

A piece of cake

A piece of cake

A biology major with a concentration in environmental studies, she is passionate about marine ecology and her betta fish Mango whose tank doubles as a terrarium for growing aquaponic basil.

Tariq Thompson Nashville, Tennessee Tariq was introduced to Kenyon through Young Writers, an intensive workshop for high school writers, and fell in love with the supportive and creative environment.

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Louis, Missouri Ethan connects with the Kenyon community through music, getting to know professors, peers and community members over Mozart and Tchaikovsky at symphony rehearsals and playing Irish folk dance music for friends at campus parties.

A cross-country runner and neuroscience major, he collaborates with his professor and classmates on exploring how genes drive the development of the nervous system. Elizabeth Iduma Silver Spring, Maryland One of the most comfortable silences Elizabeth experiences at Kenyon is when she and her friends are studying together, contemplating challenging topics over coffee.

A Russian and studio art double major, he researches the roles of heroes in contemporary Russian comics and experiments with new methods of comic creation in the studio.

Yasmin Nesbat San Francisco, California Majoring in American studies allows Yasmin to examine people, places and cultures through the lenses of English, history and sociology.

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A religious studies major and classics minor, he is immersed in a research project on the experience of Jews in Ireland that he initiated while studying abroad at University College Dublin. Cole Meier Syracuse, New York Cole spends as much time in the Science Quad, studying, researching and tutoring, as he does on the athletic fields, where he is a captain on the Ultimate team.

A biochemistry major, he is examining the genes of a mosquito that carries diseases like the ZIKA virus. He says this kind of research could lead to the development of an insecticide that targets a specific mosquito without affecting the surrounding ecosystem.

Juviand Rivera Staten Island, New York As a member of the diving team and her sorority, Juviand surrounds herself with supportive and creative people whose energy helps fuel her own.Piece of Cake Desserts Proud to be the most venue recommended wedding cake studio in Arizona!

Schedule a tasting. piece of cake is a creative consultancy working with not for profits, arts organisations and across the creative industries. OWNERS OF PIECE 'A CAKE COLLEEN LAKY- PASTRY CHEF, DESIGNER AND DECORATOR TERRY LAKY- BUSINESS AND MARKETING MANAGER. Colleen is a graduate of the highest honors from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.

Lime Rock Road Lakeville, CT () - Gallery | About. Other shapes available, including square & heart layer cakes. We also offer shaped & 3-D cakes. Piece of Cake (TV) is a six part LWT miniseries based on the novel by Derek Robinson.

Widely regarded as one of the very best television series produced in Britain about men at war, Piece of Cake follows the young Spitfire pilots of Hornet Squadron during the first year of World War Two.

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