A perfect example of what comes around goes around

Primum Mobile "First Moved" Ptolemy did not invent or work out this order, which aligns with the ancient Seven Heavens religious cosmology common to the major Eurasian religious traditions. It also follows the decreasing orbital periods of the moon, sun, planets and stars. Islamic astronomy and geocentrism[ edit ] Main articles:

A perfect example of what comes around goes around

Framing The way in which subjects and objects are framed within a shot produces specific readings. Size and volume within the frame speak as much as dialogue.

The intermittent, disconnected ramblings of an intermittenly disconnected man.

So too do camera angles. Thus, for example, a high-angle extreme long shot of two men walking away in the distance, as in the end of Jean Renoir's La Grande Illusion, points to their vulnerablility - they are about to dissapear, possibly die.

Low angle shots in medium close-up on a person can point to their power, but it can also point to ridicule because of the distortion factor. Drawing in particular on Freud's theory of libido drives and Lacan's theory of the mirror stage, they sought to explain how cinema works at the level of the unconscious.

Indeed, they maintained that the processes of the cinema mimics the workings of the unconscious. The spectator sits in a darkened room, desiring to look at the screen and deriving visual pleasure from what he or she sees.

Part of that pleasure is also derived from the narcissistic identification she or he feels with the person on the screen. But there is more; the spectator also has the illusion of controlling that image. First, because the Renaissance perspective which the cinematic image provides ensures that the spectator is subject of the gaze; and second, given that the projector is positioned behind the spectator's head, this means that the it is as if those images are the spectator's own imaginings on screen.

Feminists took up this concept of the gaze and submitted it to more rigorous analysis. Laura Mulvey's vital and deliberately-polemical article, Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema started the debate by demonstrating the domination of the male gaze, within and without the screen, at the expense of the woman's; so much so that the female spectator had little to do, gaze upon or identify with.

The exchange or relay of looks, as it is also known within film reproduces the voyeuristic pleasure of the cinematic apparatus but only for the male.

In fact, given that woman is normally, both within the film and on screen, the prime object that is being looked at, and thus controlled much feminist film theory has argued that the gaze is male through and through.

It has thus been held that by attempting to expose how woman is constructed cinematically as an object of the male gaze, it is possible to deconstruct the normalising or naturalising process of patriarchal male socialisation. The iris can also be used to focus attention on a detail of the scene.

A perfect example of what comes around goes around

Key light The main light on a subject. Usually placed at a 45 degree angle to the camera-subject axis. In high key lighting, the key light provides all or most of the light in the scene.

In low key lighting, the key light provides much less of the total illumination.It takes a really long time to accept this and it might be more than once to really accept it but eventually after leaving you see that you’re really mad at ignorant .

Dirty Blood: Religious Taboos Around Menstruation. It didn’t help that menstruation is an issue that comes up in the middle of this disease section. is a perfect example of this. As a.


Three recent events are textbook examples of the well-known aphorism, "No good deed goes unpunished." Each of these good deeds was muddled by political issues leading to . What goes around comes around; When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; Head over heels in love; For example, the cliché, “any port in a storm" has a hidden meaning.

"He has nerves of steel." Others remain open to interpretation.

A perfect example of what comes around goes around

As time goes on, you may interpret them differently, come to accept or reject their meanings, and. The 18 Greatest Revenge Songs of All Time. , Rock, rolling in the deep, Santeria, Since U Been Gone, since u been gone, Smile, So What, Sublime, The Payback, What Goes Around, what goes around comes around, What Goes Around Here's How You Write The Perfect Pop Song.

In astronomy, the geocentric model (also known as geocentrism, or the Ptolemaic system) is a superseded description of the Universe with Earth at the center. Under the geocentric model, the Sun, Moon, stars, and planets all orbited Earth.

The geocentric model served as the predominant description of the cosmos in many ancient civilizations, such as those of Aristotle and Ptolemy.

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