A discussion on the future of windows

P Download the attached file VBox-Winfix Some logs will be created in the same directory during VirtualBox service process activity, which might prove helpful in case there are problems. With this tool running, I am able to do "VBoxManage hostonlyif create" without problems. Did you use windbg to break on windows API calls?

A discussion on the future of windows

Task T The wikitext editor will be officially removed next week, on the normal deployment train i. This has been discussed since at leastwas planned for at least three different months inand is finally happening.

This toolbar is being removed from MediaWiki. If you are using this toolbar and almost none of you arethen you will be given no toolbar at all the wikitext editor. This default was chosen so that your editing windows will open even faster, and to avoid cluttering the window with the larger toolbars a particularly important consideration for Wikisource's PagePreviews.

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Of course, if you decide that you would prefer the or wikitext editors or a gadget like WikEdthen you are free to change your preferences at any time. If you are one of its fans, then you might want to know that some long-time editors are talking about re-implementing its best features as a volunteer-supported user script.

A discussion on the future of windows

I believe that any announcements about that project will be made at mw: Whatamidoing WMF talk This time, they really do think it's not going to completely break the wikis.

In case you're interested in some anecdata, it was the codeeditor that really did it for me. Editor which has an overview of all different editors that are currently supported. Is that the toolbar that's going?

How do i choose another one? The only other Preference i've seen talks about an enhanced toolbar, which rather frightens me Happy days or possibly not, if i don't understand toolbarsLindsay Hello Some of the pref items silently override the others, and it's especially difficult to explain to new editors.

I've proposed improvements at phab: Tbut unless that wins the m: Community Wishlist starts in a few weeksI don't think it will happen any time soon. Lindsayif you're a non-technical person, then you might want to consider trying the visual editor again. It is really vastly better than it was back in the day.

If you don't have separate "Edit" and "Edit source" tabs already, then look for a little pencil icon not the highlighter marker pen and switch to it.

It works mostly like a normal word processing document, and is really the only sensible way to do some things, like adding or removing a column from a large wikitext table. If you prefer wikitext, then I think you would likely be happy with the light blue "enhanced" toolbar.

It has been the default for all users since approximatelyand it gets used thousands and thousands of times each day with very few complaints. Finally, if you don't actually use the buttons in the little toolbar which is not unusual for experienced editorsthen your easiest option is probably doing nothing.

In that case, the toolbar, which you're already not using, will just go away all by itself. I fully and wholly expect a lot of editors to turn up here on the day in question, who as always likely missed all the announcements, because they just don't follow fora like these.

Turn off Safe Mode boot from Command Line?

Please keep in mind, that according to the datalast year en. Note this doesn't equal USED the toolbar, many people simply have it enabled because they always have.

It's just impossible to keep up with everything. That's why I appreciate it so much when people ping me for interesting discussions. This will also be announced in m: There's been a slight delay. But it's finally up on the Beta Cluster.

It doesn't seem to have broken anything obvious, so it should reach this wiki next WP: Tech folks here might want to take a look at what Arkanosis has been doing about a replacement script, especially that edit about a gadget for Monobook users.

Hmm, I wonder whether the copies of gadgets are up to date on the Beta Cluster? If they're not, that might explain why last week's watchlist problem wasn't visible until it hit production. Also, based upon the conversation at w: I think that this search will find the gadgets.OSR Open Systems Resources, Inc.

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F-prot has never made an entrance into my "lets' test" or "another broken system" views. Either it's very very good or no one uses it. An amusing comment about it on the Internet: Nevertheless, it would be better to install F-Prot Antivirus than to try to survive on the security that comes native with Windows.

One license will protect five home computers, which is a very nice aspect of this.

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