A description of hepatitis a

The purpose of this document is to 1 provide guidance to clinicians, state and local health departments, and other health agencies regarding case ascertainment, reporting, investigation, and follow-up of persons with acute viral hepatitis; and 2 provide a framework for the development of systems for identifying and following up persons who may have chronic HBV or HCV infections. These guidelines describe the essential elements and best practices for conducting surveillance for viral hepatitis, and were developed based on consultation with representatives from state and local health departments who met in Atlanta in January BACKGROUND The primary goals of conducting surveillance for viral hepatitis are to direct prevention and control activities for these diseases and to evaluate the impact of these activities. Inthere were approximately 25, cases of acute viral hepatitis reported nationwide, including 14, cases of Hepatitis A and 8, cases of Hepatitis B.

A description of hepatitis a

Email Physical labor can work up a thirst, but for one construction worker, his choice of beverage led to severe liver problems. According to a case study published in the BMJ, the year-old man landed in the hospital with an array of mysterious symptoms after consuming four to five energy drinks a day over the course of several weeks.

Doctors questioned him about his food, drink, recreational drug and supplement habits. They knew of one other case reported previously showing liver damage due to over-consumption of energy drinks.

Blood tests showed elevated liver enzymes indicating liver damage, and a liver biopsy confirmed the man had acute hepatitis, reported the doctors from the University of Florida College of Medicine, in Gainesville, Florida.

They said they diagnosed the man by ruling out other conditions and causes, including an accidental over-ingestion of acetaminophenwhich can result in liver damage.

The earlier reported case of energy drink-associated hepatitis also offered support to their diagnosis. The doctors believe that high levels of vitamin B3, or niacin, in the energy drink the man consumed are what caused the hepatitis.

Each bottle he drank contained 40 milligrams of niacin — double the recommended daily value. Lab tests at the hospital also revealed that at some point, the patient had been infected with hepatitis Ca virus that can be spread through sex, blood transfusions or sharing needles.

Certainly taking niacin on top of hepatitis C is dangerous. He said all patients with underlying chronic liver disease should talk with their health care provider before taking any over-the-counter supplements or other products. The makers of popular energy drinks maintain that the products are safe.

As for the construction worker, doctors say he recovered after receiving treatment.2 FULL PRESCRIBING INFORMATION 1 INDICATIONS AND USAGE RECOMBIVAX HB® [Hepatitis B Vaccine, Recombinant] is indicated for prevention of infection caused by all known subtypes of hepatitis B virus.

RECOMBIVAX HB is approved for use in individuals of all. Hepatitis A vaccine is a vaccine that prevents hepatitis A.

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It is effective in around 95% of cases and lasts for at least fifteen years and possibly a person's entire life. If given, two doses are recommended beginning after the age of one. It is given by injection into a muscle.. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends universal vaccination in areas where the diseases is moderately common.

Hepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver caused by a specific virus called the hepatitis C virus (HCV).

A description of hepatitis a

The word "hepatitis" is derived from two Latin segments: "hepat" . The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators.

Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Hepatitis B vaccine is a vaccine that prevents hepatitis B. The first dose is recommended within 24 hours of birth with either two or three more doses given after that.

This includes those with poor immune function such as from HIV/AIDS and those born premature.

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It is also recommended for health-care workers to be vaccinated. In healthy people routine immunization results in more than 95% of. Hepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver caused by a specific virus called the hepatitis C virus (HCV).

The word "hepatitis" is derived from two Latin segments: "hepat" .

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